Perth Camp Series

Cockburn Ice Arena

27-31 January 2020

1-2 February 2020

SHD 2019
Perth Camp Series


Skating and Puck Skills Masterclass

27 January
9 - 11.00AM


Pushing players outside of their comfort zones using their edges and skating with power and confidence.  The focus is on stride mechanics, quick acceleration, top speed agility, and stability through turns & pivots, all while controlling a puck.


Shooting Masterclass

27 January
6 - 8.00PM


Want to score more goals? Everyone does! This clinic will teach you how to get more power, accuracy, and deception with your shot! We will break down the mechanics of the shot, and eliminate conventional wisdom of how to shoot, so players can build proper habits. Skaters will learn how to shoot in stride and hide their shot release to catch the goalie by surprise. Wrist shot, backhand, slapshot, tipping, and anything else to put the puck in the net.



28 - 31 January
9.00AM - 5.00PM


This camp is for players and goalies who are looking to continue to develop and strengthen their overall hockey skills.  Appropriate for players of all ages and levels. For players, there will be an extensive focus on deking and puck protection, precision passing, shooting with power and deception, dynamic edge-work, and increasing hockey IQ.  For goalies, there will be review of foundation, refining position and angles, implementing post integration, and fine tuning their game. With all students, each day will consist of edge work, body control, implementing efficient technique into movements, and increasing their level of compete.

Senior Skills Camp

1 - 2 February
12.30 - 2.30PM


This camp is here to break down skating, passing, shooting,
and game sense skills to bridge the gap between where you are and
where you want to be.


Each session will involve an element of edge work, individual skill
development, hockey IQ, and game-sense training. Training session
tempo will increase hour by hour becoming a high-end training session
that players desire.


Check your ego at the door! This camp is for senior players at all stages of their development, from advanced to beginner. Our coaches and curriculum will challenge every player. We promote an encouraging environment for players to feel confident and push outside their comfort zones.