Beginner Puck Handling Program


Get the foundational puck handling skills required to be able to play ice hockey with confidence. This program gives players the necessities to be able to carry the puck and make plays in a game.

12-weeks of detailed training from professional coaches in your own home.

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Beginner Puck Handling Program



  • What is it?



The Beginner Puck Handling Program is a 12-week program with drills to help you become a more confident puck handler. You gain access to a library of demo videos with detailed breakdowns to help you create strong habits. This program is broken into three phases, with three training days per week. Start with a warm-up designed to build top hand strength, then progress to puck control movements, step it up with dynamic movements while still controlling the puck, and finish with a cooldown of puck tricks. Every drill is designed to build upon each other to give you smoother, quicker, and more accurate hands.



  • What does the program involve?


3 Days per Week / 12 Weeks Total
3 Phases / 4 Weeks per Phase
Video Library of all drills included



  • Who is it for?



This program is designed for any player wanting to improve their puck handling abilities. This program is going to be the perfect start for youth players trying to excel at ice hockey or senior players that want to develop proper techniques.