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Enjoy getting into ice hockey with help from our experienced coaches. No gear or playing experience necessary!
Monday Nights – year round
5:45 – 6:45pm for Skate the Game & Play the Game
5:45 – 6:15pm for Grow the Game
$22.00 per lesson for Skate the Game & Play the Game
$180.00 for whole term for Skate the Game & Play the Game
$12.00 per lesson for Grow the Game
$100.00 for whole term for Grow the Game

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Grow the Game – for beginners under the age of 10. Focuses on ice skating, getting comfortable with falling over and controlling a puck.
Skate the Game – for beginner skaters aged from 10 years to adult. Focuses on ice hockey skating skills such as forward skating, backward skating, crossovers, pivots, and stopping.
Play the Game – for players 10 years to adult who have advanced from ‘Skate the Game’ and are ready to enhance their puck skills. You will need full protective equipment for this section.

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23 May, 30 May, 6 June, 13 June, 20 June, Whole Term