PK Off Season Ice Hockey Foundations Program


NSA Hockey has teamed up with PK Performance to give you the best off ice program right at your fingertips! This program delivers ice hockey specific drills and workout regimes to get your body and skills in the best possible shape for and during the season. Don’t take our word for it, take yours! Try it today!

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  • What is it?


The Ice Hockey Foundations Program is a 3x 4 Week Phase / 4 Day Week / 12 Week, intermediate strength and conditioning program that will take your game to the next level. This has been specifically designed by PK Performance to enhance all contributing areas in the player’s game to make sure that this player will be noticed on ice for their performance in acceleration, speed, strength, quickness, repeatability and recovery. If you are looking for that competitive edge over your competition, this program is for you! This program will cover progressions and variations from the “Home Ice Hockey Strength & Conditioning Program” and also follow

• Mobility
• Stability
• Warm Ups
• Motor Control
• Foundational Movement Patterns
• Power
• Strength
• Conditioning
• Recovery


  • What is required?


PK Performance Agilty Kit
Foam Roller
Olympic Barbell + Weights
Cable Machine / Bands
Olympic Rings / TRX


  • Who is it for?


This program is for athletes who have mastered the foundations in the “Home Ice Hockey Strength & Conditioning Program” and looking to progress to the next level in their off ice training. Take everything that you have learned in the “Home Strength & Conditioning Program” and now start to add load, more progressive speed, power and conditioning work to your arsenal.

If you haven’t yet completed the “Home Ice Hockey Strength & Conditioning Program” or have less than 12 months experience in strength & conditioning, you aren’t ready for this level yet. Just like on ice, you need to master the foundations before advancing to harder / progressive drills. If you are unsure if this program is right for you, reach out and contact us and we will help you decide what program is best suited to your current level.

It’s not a program that you just do for a couple of weeks and expect amazing results, it will take dedication and commitment to achieve this but hey – nothing easy is worth doing!


If you are looking to make that step up to the next division, representative team or even higher – this is your program!

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