Senior Skills Camp

Ice Zoo

5 - 8 January 2020

Skillz Skate


Where: Ice Zoo

When: 5 - 8 January 2020

Who For: Players and Goalies | 15 yrs and older

Cost: TBA

Registration: Opens September 2019

Camp Schedule

6:00pm - Off Ice
6:30pm - Dressing room
7:00pm - On Ice
9:15pm - Cooldown
9:30pm - Video
10:00pm - End of day


This program is here to break down skating, passing, shooting,
and game sense skills to bridge the gap between where you are and
where you want to be.


Each session will involve an element of edge work, individual skill
development, hockey IQ, and game-sense training. Training session
tempo will increase day to day becoming a high-end training session
that players desire.


Check your ego at the door! This camp is for players at all stages of their
development, from advanced to beginner. Our coaches and curriculum
will challenge every player. We promote an encouraging environment for
players to feel confident and push outside their comfort zones.


Daily Focus

  • Day 1: Reinforcing fundamentals, edges, body control, puck handling.
  • Day 2: High tempo drills, shooting, and shot selection.
  • Day 3: Puck battles, team play, executing at full speed.
  • Day 4: Reading and reacting, creativity, special teams.



Each day will have the same core focal points:
•Building a foundation for our edge work
•Refining our positioning and angles
•Implementing post integration into our game
•Working out our ground game to improve our effectiveness and efficiency when down on the ice